Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toys for 3-24 month olds

I don't know about you, but finding good baby toys always seems to be a challenge for me.  As many of you know, I can't stand toys with lights and music that don't offer baby anything more than a button to push.  So, I have found a lovely collection of toys that will keep babies busy and playing.  I do need to preface this list with the fact that spoons, cups, gladware containers and pans still rank first on my list as the best toys around for little ones.

The high school French student in me loves these little guys called Chan Pie Gnons, a play on the french word "champignon" for mushroom.  These are fantastic teethers from the people who make Sophie the Giraffe.  Since every baby has Sophie, be a non-conformist and get a Chan Pie Gnon.

For shape sorting, check out this wooden house from Land of Nod. It's so much cooler than the classic plastic version.

I really love Plan Toys.  All of the toys are wooden and "green."  Here are some must-buys.

For a stuffed animal, this elephant is not only cute, but covered in silky tags. I've met so many babies who love to play with and rub their faces on these tags. I guess this company has too since they are called "Taggies."
My love for Melissa and Doug even carries over into the baby sector. The picnic basket is all the more darling when you put faces on the food.

Even though this is a toddler toy, I guarantee the child in your life will play with these instruments for much longer. This is a guaranteed baby pleaser. Plus, most toys from the Parents brand come with a free subscription to Parents magazine.

Here's another instrument that will stand the test of time. Anyone wanna polka?

For those that can sit up in the tub, this sensory toy is fantastic.
And finally, the coup de grace, keys and cups!

Any other suggestions?


  1. Deanna on Facebook has this comment:
    " Thank you for the awesome suggestions. We are always looking for new, different, fun and challenging toys for Addison! My #1 must have from you list is the accordion from Land of Nod!!"

  2. Dawn on Facebook said,
    "Thanks so much Erika! I've seen a couple of things to buy for my niece, which thankfully Amazon UK stocks! I'll let you know how they are received come Christmas Day!"

  3. I have a suggestion for early walkers...Haba's Walker Wagon.
    It's expensive, but so well made.