Thursday, November 18, 2010

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

I can remember when both my grandmothers had standing, weekly appointments at the beauty shop.  They'd go in, get coifed and be ready for the weekend.  My Grandma Rose even wrapped her hair in toilet paper before bed so it wouldn't get smooshed. 

Times have certainly changed.  We moms barely have time to put on mascara, let alone make sure all our hairs are in place.  But, this doesn't mean that your kids won't love playing beauty shop.  And, yes, I said kids - meaning girls AND boys.  I have witnessed many a boy getting pretty intense about shampoo and scissors.

A great way to start is by asking your child to think about all the things a beauty shop might need.  Make a list together (if your child can't read, write the word and draw a picture).  Some ideas might be: comb, brush, bows, rubber bands, hair dryer, scissors, curling iron, nail polish, toe separators, towel, hand mirror, squirt bottle, shampoo, dress-up wigs etc.  Next, either use a mirror that can be set on a table top or put a step stool for your child in front of the bathroom mirror. 

 Talk to your child about what happens at a beauty shop, such as hair washing, haircuts, styling, manicures, pedicures, making appointments and payments, etc.  Let your child decide what role they will try first, and try to help them stick to that role until the play is completed.  This will help with their sequencing skills in play by asking them to figure out what happens first, next and last at the beauty shop.  For example, your hair gets washed before the haircut and the styling comes last.

Have fun!  It's okay to ask for silly things like putting on all the bows or even some lovely, blue streaks in your hair.  As long as your child is being safe, let them experiment with your hair.  Don't let vanity get in the way!  However, I do need to give you this warning:

Unless you want an eye-popping, stranger-staring-at-you-in-the-street look, do not trust your child with actual scissors.  Even the best listeners can get carried away in the play when they have scissors in their hands.  Play scissors (you can find them with most play-doh sets) are a must for this play.

Some great vocabulary to use in this play: "Do you have an appointment?"  "Do you want it cut short or just a trim?"  "Is the water too hot?"  "Can I interest you in a beverage before we begin?"  "This is exactly what I wanted!"

Some books to read before or after you play "Beauty Shop:"

Now, go get pretty.

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  1. Fun idea, as always! Claire loves getting her nails painted and she'll even sit still for it! It's taught her to sit nice to get those difficult little piggies clipped, too, so that's always a plus!

    You can buy them online at and I've also seen them at Buy Buy Baby. Traditional nail polish can be toxic but this stuff is as safe as mud!

    - Sara M.