Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great seasonal toy find

There is something about advent calendars that still excites even grown-up me.  The tiny doors with surprises inside combined with the delayed gratification are sure to delight your kids, too.  I'm sure it will be the first thing on their mind every morning until Christmas.

If you celebrate Christmas, pick up an advent calendar before December 1st.  You can find really cheap versions with chocolates inside or extravagant ones that become nativity scenes.

I just picked up Playmobil's version today.  It makes a Santa and animal scene in the woods.  It's really quite cute and gives your child a new, little item to play with each day while waiting for the big arrival of Santa on the 24th.

I also found it cheaper at Three Wishes Toys 'n More in Wilmette, IL for about $22.  They also have an online store.

Playmobil also makes other versions of Advent calendars that have ponies, unicorns, dragons, and, get this, even a "Police Christmas."  But, I think the Santa theme is a bit more apropos for the season, don't you?

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