Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inexpensive craft kits are a no-brainer...literally!

I love craft kits for days when I 'm not feeling especially creative. They are also great for when your little one wants to be crafty, but the idea of set-up and clean-up is just a bit too much that day. The Alex brand has some really lovely options that your kids will eat up. 

Big time cute factor.

I like this one because there is no glue needed.  Just peel off one section at a time to reveal a sticky surface, crumple the tissue and stick!

This mosaic set is incredibly easy for preschool age children and up.  Just peel the shapes and stick them on!

Here is a little guy I know making a T-Rex mosaic from this set.

Any other craft kits out there you'd like to share?

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